Music Video: Groj – Guirlande (Rorschach)

It's been a great pleasure to get behind my gear the first time for a  Groj single artist production, released on box records. Guirlande as a track offers up an intricately constructed, sustained and contiguous immersion, resting on a rich foundation of original sound samples and field recordings. It represents a well thought-out union of … Continue reading Music Video: Groj – Guirlande (Rorschach)

Microbial Dramas – Video for ‘Outdoor’ by Groj & Van Did

Outdoor. Wild, beautiful nature? Over the past 3 years, I got into microbial evolution, and a little bit of ecology, too. The dramas, though only micrometers small, are amongst the most captivating and existential ones I know. The survival of a colony by sacrificing 90% of its members. The brutal dance between a predator's hunger … Continue reading Microbial Dramas – Video for ‘Outdoor’ by Groj & Van Did