Luftschloss – an electronic music producer from Berlin, whose craft is developed past his relatively young age – has addressed me about visual work for his Nature by Numbers EP almost a year ago. He saw the biological and mathematical background of my work, which apparently spoke to him. We talked a lot about these aspects of music and art, and also about biological sciences – so I was happy to work with someone who shares these interests.

Music produced by Luftschloss is marked by a pristine instinct for melodies and intricate but accessible rhythmic work. I would not call it naive, but it was definitely more colorful and direct than most of the things I worked for, so it called for a different visual approach. I scaled back on conceptual complexity in the simulations, but put more emphasis on textures, and started (very unusual for me) to implement raw video footage.

All in all, a breezy summer day with a touch of swarm dynamics. The EP will appear soon on Box Records, for now enjoy the video and a gorgeous spring time remix by Groj:

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