[Bad News: While the Krazy glue does make sure the faders are not falling off, the unit didn’t take it all too well. It spits out random control values, and lots of them at once. Some of the glue must have gotten on the contacts or the circuit board. Maybe you are more successful at this than I am, but so far I cannot recommend this approach.]

The Korg NanoKontrol 2 MIDI has served me faithfully for almost a year now. It has been used extensively. Still, every show, and sometimes even at home, I pull the faders of the little pins they stick on. At this point, my unit looks as in the picture below (white fader is off of a dead-on-arrival unit, courtesy of MOOG Audio, Montréal, thanks!). Back at MOOG this week, I mentioned my problem – and the answer was short and evident: Krazy Glue.


I thought of that before, but was a little hesitant. I saw Krazy Glue eat other plastics before, or turn them into smoke. Somehow, though, that statement made me finally try it. Now, Krazy Glue is applied and dried, there are no visible holes in the faders, so it seems to work. Make sure to only use a small amount, maybe two or three drops. If at first the glued-on faders go somewhat difficult, push a little harder, and take left-over Krazy Glue off with a utility knife. The controller looks a little uglier now, I have to say. There are traces of Krazy Glue along the cut-out for the fader to slide in. But hey, the thing is missing one fader and has a white one anyway, so what do I care. You could also try to apply only minimal amounts, and it might still look perfectly fine after, with no glue traces.

While at it, I also treated the rotary controls to the same procedure. Just pull them off upwards, they go back on just fine.

Apply the usual care and caution for Krazy Glue, or else I want pictures.

Also, drop me a comment how it worked for you.

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