Did your MacBook Pro Retina start looking like this? I mean, there is this inexplicable “edge” coming through its shell, the case dented as if a hardware component was pushing through? (Looks like a scene from Alien? Very likely no foreign life form will come out of there, but you are probably still a little worried.) I got scared, but now have an update as to what is going on there.


At first, I thought I was going crazy – I felt a hint of an edge even shortly after I first got the Macbook delivered, but didn’t pay much attention to it. It was very subtle. Then, one day it was impossible to overlook it any longer – there was a clear edge right in the middle of the outer shell! Inspecting a little further, I realized the bottom shell actually sprung out of the top shell. Like this:


Here another angle to give you the full view.


I have to admit – a bloated battery was not the first thing that came to mind. Instead, I was picturing scenes of myself trying to explain to the guys in the Apple store that this was “not a damage from dropping the computer. It got worse and worse over time!”

So appointment made, I pull out the computer – and to my surprise the person I was talking to immediately had an explanation. Apparently the new, very flat design of the Retina MacBook Pro often suffers from bloated batteries, which then push on the metal shell from the inside. So, if you are on warranty, and your MacBook looks like this, don’t be shy, get it repaired.

As a side note, I am getting a rather loose USB port fixed at the same time. Surprising that a device at this price point arrives with such manufacturing difficulties, but at least it seems that the repair will get done quickly and no questions asked. Also, I learned that general warranty as well as Apple Care cover manufacturing errors on batteries. This applies as long as the battery is under its maximum number of use cycles and gives in, or it does something bad, say, blow up your computer’s metal shell.

Added for completeness: For this model, the standard number of battery cycles is 1000.

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