Last Wednesday, April 18, a group of CAMBAM graduate and postdoctoral students (all undergrads were held down by finals) from McGill and Université de Montréal made over to the LBUM (Laboratoire de Ultrasonographie et Biorheologie de Montréal) for a whole day on-site visit. Fred Simard, who is part of our CAMBAM student chapter team, organized this fantastic day with the LBUM people, and he also wrote a report on our inside.CAMBAM blog – recommended read.

As a quick summary – it is amazing to see Biomedical devices/engineering, computer science, Biophysics, Mathematical Biology, and Statistics work together that closely. It is even more amazing that this is all geared clearly towards low-cost clinical applications, which are developed with Medical researchers and practitioners. By the way – we were instructed by the LBUM’s director to spread the word that positions for good students (higher year undergraduate up to postdoctoral) are available. For more details, I refer to Fred’s report once more.

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